This blog has meant quite lot to me. It has opened my eyes, cleared my clouded head, and given me perspective on just how lucky, and loved, I am.

The past few months I have been thinking hard as to what this website should be, and where it should go. I started writing again, and stopped again, because honestly what I was writing just did not feel right. Where is the lane for P.S. Breathe to exist in now that I am graduated college?

Last night, it hit me.

It was time to hit the refresh button, to clear up the clutter.

Much like we, as peaceful warriors, do every so often, we need to refocus on the present, respect the past, and guide our own journeys whole hardheartedly in the moment.

So I created the vault.

The Vault, is a new page on P.S. Breathe, where I locked up all of our old posts. It can be found in the upper right hand corner of this website.

Gone from this blog page is everything I had ever written for you all and for myself. This is a turning point in our journey, and it was time to take out the trash, as an older post was once titled.

I have opened the vault to show a handful of old posts. The ones I most like to reread to refocus my mind. The others will come out of the vault every now and then as well, to be looked at again, in a new light.

Now, we start anew. P.S. Breathe will have one new feature post a week (Mondays), right here on this page to help all of us within our community to focus on the here and now, to embrace our journey.

The next three Monday’s will take a look at or old friend, Alaine de Botton, and some of his theories.

I very much look forward to writing to you all again very soon.

Until then, live in the moment,

And don’t forget to breathe.


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