Deep Breaths

Before I start, I need everyone to do me a favor.

Take a long deep breath, and hold it in.

Count to three.

Exhale, long and slow. Repeat that a few times. Until you are nice and relaxed.

Awesome, thank you.

I’ve been doing that all day. No, not because I think our new president is going to become a dictator and ruin all of our lives. I don’t think that. This post isn’t political in nature.

It is human.

Thats why I have been struggling to keep my calm, to breathe deep, and to relax.

I’ve heard, mostly from my father, that there was a time when people voted for who they liked, didn’t talk about it much, and didn’t try to change people’s minds. They may have disagreed with one another, but they didn’t hate. They let it go, and lived their lives.

Sounds nice.

Today, that seems like something from a fairy tale. It seems every inch of the television, internet, our neighborhoods, our places of work, our own families, are crawling with hate. Deep hate, and anger.

Yes, this wasn’t a normal election. No, the system of government hasn’t been fair.

But what a poor excuse that is for such a deep rooted lack of humanity.

We are better than this.

I don’t care about who is lying anymore. I don’t care about what he said that time, or what she said this time. I don’t care that he or she or they are so evil.

You shouldn’t either.

What we should all care about isn’t rebuilding the “status quo”. What we should do is rebuild our dignity.

Human beings, on both sides, are terrified. Not because of the leaders. But because of the masses who have filled their timelines with hate, and threats, and putdowns. With ugly racial remarks. With disgusting generalizations. With nasty claims and worse chants.

Lets all take a minute, take a look in the mirror, and make a change.

Lets rise to the occasion, America.

If you are feeling like a winner today, do so with class. And do so realizing that this country and this world is about more than just yourself and the people directly around you. Think about the ugly on your side too, and how you would feel if it was all directed at you, and the people you love. Rise to the occasion. Be kind. Reach out and be the compassionate and amazing winner you can be.

If you are feeling as though you lost today. As though your whole world is crumbing in front of you. That all of the progress you feel has been made is gone. Stop.

Rise to the occasion. Don’t scream and kick and hate. Don’t throw away what makes you all so amazing, your love. Love all people. If they agree with you are not.

We the people create this country. We create this world.

One act of kindness can change a day, can change a life, can change a home, a community, a town, a city, a state, a region, a country, a world. It all starts with you. Right this second.

Lets be people again, and not angry monsters. Lets love ALL people. Lets laugh, and cry, and live together. Lets make this country and this world the beautiful wonderful place it has always been meant to be.

We are, right now, a tiny microscopic little blip on one single planet of a never ending, forever reaching universe. We are all thrust into this weird being for however long we get and then this time ends and nobody knows what that even means. What our time here even meant.

What we do know is that all we have is each other, and a limited amount of time. Nothing else is certain. So stop this path we are barreling down. Use your time, your voice, your moments, however many you have, for GOOD.

Not hate, not exclusion.

The sun is going to keep rising, lets seize the moment. Every day.

Take a deep breath. We can do this. Together.


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